Join the Beer Revolution!

The craft brewing industry is growing as an economic contributor to both the Queensland and broader Australian economy.  Craft brewing revenues have grown at an annual rate of 9.7% between 2013 and 2018.  Currently in Queensland there are approximately 90 independent craft breweries with a growth of approximately 30 new businesses each year.

Calibre is proud to to be offering a formal nationally recognised and accredited qualification tailored specific to this industry.  We are able to offer FBP30117 Certificate III in Food Processing with a focus on Micro Brewing.

This program can be delivered to:

  • EXISTING WORKERS in the craft brewing industry - we come to you, training is conducted in the workplace, reducing down time and tailoring the training to your organisation
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  • BUDDING ENTREPRENEUR - Do you want to take your home brew to the next level? This program is offered in a classroom delivery
  • HOME BREWER who just wants to learn and hone their skills for themselves.  We are offering this program as a classroom delivery

All programs are developed in conjunction with industry and will include brewery tours and guest speakers.

As a Pre-Qualified Supplier to the Queensland Government under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program, we are able to offer this program to eligible students at the rate of $150 (non-concessional) and $50 (concessional holders).

Alternatively, if you are ineligible for the subsidised fee of the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program, we deliver the program at full fee rate of $3500.


Are you interested?  Call Calibre on 1300 283 287