MSM30116: Certificate III in Process Manufacturing

Certificate III in Process Manufacturing is intended for advanced production workers who are currently employed and use a range of equipment directly related to producing products. This qualification is for:

  • Production support workers in manufacturing; filling the vital production support roles.
  • Employees who operate across more than one category within process manufacturing or 'specialised processes' when required.

Core Units:

  • MSMENV272    Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • MSMWHS200   Work safely
  • MSMSUP210    Process and record information
  • MSS402051A    Apply quality standards

Elective Units:

  • MEM15003B     Use improvement processes in team activities
  • MEM15004B     Perform inspection
  • MEM16006A     Organise and communicate information
  • MSMWHS100   Follow OHS procedures
  • MSMWHS110   Follow emergency response procedures
  • MSMWHS300   Facilitate the implementation of OHS for a work group
  • MSMOPS101    Make measurements
  • MSMOPS102    Perform tasks to support production
  • MSMOPS200    Operate equipment
  • MSMSUP100    Apply workplace context to own job
  • MSMSUP101    Clean workplace or equipment
  • MSMSUP291    Participate in continuous improvement
  • MSMSUP303    Identify equipment faults
  • MSMSUP382    Provide coaching/mentoring in the workplace
  • MSMSUP383    Facilitate a team
  • MSS402040A    Apply 5S procedures
  • PMBHAN103C  Shift materials safely by hand

Note: Elective units may vary based upon student requirements.

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