FBP30121: FBP30121 Certificate III in Food Processing (Brewing)

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This qualification reflects the role of individuals working as operators in a food processing environment who have responsibility for overseeing all or part of a processing plant and related equipment. They are required to work autonomously, use judgement, interpret information, and apply solutions to routine and some non-routine problems. They may also take some responsibility for the output of others.

We have courses that specialise in:

  • Bottling & Packaging
  • Brewing

If you are working in the Craft Brewing industry and want a qualification in recognition of your current skills, or are new to the Craft brew environment and want the skills to succeed then this is the course for you.






FBPPFSY3003  Monitor the implementation of food safety and quality programs  
FBPFSY3004  Participate in traceability activities
FBPOPR3019  Operate and monitor interrelated processes in a production or packaging system
FBPOPR3021  Apply good manufacturing oractice requirements in foor processing
FBPWHS3001  Contribute to work health and safety processes
FBPBEV3001  Operate and monitor a wort production process
FBPBEV3003  Operate and monitor a brewery fermentation process
FBPBEV3007  Operate and monitor a beer maturation process
FBPGRA3019  Prepare malted grain
MSL973013  Perform basic tests
FBPOPR3004  Set up a production or packaging line for operation
FBPBPG4002  Manage filling and packaging of fermented beverages
FBPBPG3010  Operate and monitor a carbonated beverage filling process
FSKNUM015   Estimate, measure and calculate with routine metric    measurements for work
FSKNUM019  Interpret routine tables, graphs and charts and use information and data for work
FBPTEC3001  Apply raw materials, ingredient and process knowledge to production problems
FBPOPR2094  Clean equipment in place


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